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Our 2019 Partners

Critical in Cali!

We've temporarily relocated to the East Bay and are looking for organizations to partner with in and around the Oakland, CA area. To learn more about how you or your organization can get involved, please contact us!


We serve Chicago youth with the tools to critically engage with media, identity, and society and create their own unique media narratives.


Critical Youth Media was founded in 2018 in Chicago by Crislin Christian during her time as a UC Berkeley Visiting Scholar and a Judith Lee Stronach Baccalaureate Prize Recipient. Critical Youth Media has partnered with the Community Film Workshop of Chicago and the Broadway Youth Center to bring creative programming to Chicago youth. Crislin has also worked in various capacities with other digital media production programs and youth organizations.


Donate to support our efforts to bring free media literacy and digital storytelling programming to inner-city youth.

Youth in Motion at After School Matters

In collaboration with the Community Film Workshop of Chicago, our founder will be leading this digital media program in which students will produce photos and videos, screen movies to learn story development and shooting techniques, work with guest filmmakers, and participate in creating collaborative media projects. 

Summer 2019

Photography + Videography Workshop at the Broadway Youth Center

Kicking off the first workshop in a new series of creative programming for BYC, our founder is co-facilitating the videography portion of this introductory workshop for BYC youth. 

Spring—Summer 2019

The Production Institute at the Logan Center for the Arts

The University of Chicago's Digital Storytelling Initiative, in partnership with the Community Film Workshop of Chicago, presents a new program that makes high-quality digital media production training more accessible to emerging filmmakers ages 19 and up from Chicago’s South Side. Our founder will be serving as the Production Institute Coordinator.

Spring—Fall 2019

The Community Film Workshop of Chicago (CFWC)

Our founder has partnered with the Executive Director of the Community Film Workshop of Chicago, Margaret Caples, to bring more digital filmmaking workshops to the youth of Chicago.


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